Ex Frog Tester

Mike Tester

Name: Mike Tester (1-2 Testing, Testing)
Age: 43 I think?
Height: 6ft
Weight: 14.5 stone
Real Weight: 14.5 stone and getting lighter the diet is working!
Hair: Jet black! I’ve just been painting the ceiling white!
Tattoos: You gotta be kidding!
What of: I said………… “You gotta be kidding!”
Piercing: No! ‘Cause “real” men don’t get piercing
Unusual Characteristics: Just my natural good looks
Real Occupation: Music Technology Teacher…………Ok! I’m a Drummer!
Favourite song of all time: Gino Vannelli-Where am I going. (Who?)
What is under your bed: Nowt
Favourite food: Fillet steak.
What is your worst habit? Being right ALL the time
What was the last film you saw at the cinema: Jaws. How old is that film?
Favourite Band: Rammstein
Sex or Beer: No competition……SEX Please, then a Lager after
Ever cried watching a film: Just at the end of Jaws when the fish died.
Do you brush your teeth: 3x a day
Do you believe in ghosts: yes
Favourite toy as a child: “Golly” So politically incorrect these days!
Favourite Frogs song: Mmm…Let me think now…Well it would have to be that fast one that comes after the fast one and before the other fast one. You know which one I mean…The dead loud fast one!
Do you know the words to any one song: You gotta be kidding………I told you I’m a drummer!!! Now please stop asking me silly questions!

What is the meaning of life: Find ‘em, F*^k ’em, Forget ‘em!