Ex Frog - Ian Williams

Sticks Man Extrordinare

He's Played with Ardkore, Spasm Gang, Cage of Soul and P.I.G.

Name: Ian Sqwilliams
Age: 21
Date of Birth: 24/12/24
Height: 6ft
Weight: summer weight 11 stone winter weight 18 stone!!!!
Real Weight: 19 stone

Hair: Bald or Long? Got hair but transparent on top!
Tattoos? Yes or No? yes
What of? Skulls and stuff... oh and a giraffe’s head on me chest
Piercings? Yes or No? No my mam wont let me!
Unusual Characteristics: like marmite rice cakes
Real Occupation: Full time session drummer..................../plumber!!

Favourite song of all time? Doctor Doctor UFO!
What is under your bed? Toe nails and lots of dust and the odd Christmas decoration
Favourite Food? Vegetarian followed by curry normally chicken madras

What is your worst habit? Drinking
What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Book of eli
Favourite Band?Motorhead early dayz!
Sex or Beer? Lager!
Ever cried watching a film? Yes wotchin TITanic!
Do you brush your teeth? Yes once a week weather they need it or not
Do you believe in ghosts? yes
What was your Favourite toy as a child? an orange in a sock
Favourite Frogs song? Jerry Springer
If you could meet any person dead or alive… who would it be? John Ritchie
Do you know all the words to any 1 song? If so, which? Dead men tell no tales/Motorhead
What's the meaning of life? Being lazy and getting away with it!