name: paul lloyd tattersall

age:12 no sorry thats my shoe size

date of birth: who are you? the dss

height: 6' 3"

weight:17 stone

real weight: are you calling me a liar?

hair bald or long?: bald on my head

tattoos? yes or no?: i don't mind it's a free country

what of?: anything you want

piercings? yes or no?: yes

where?: stockton and middlesbrough

unusual characteristics: x ray vision

real occupation: unfortunatly yes, i do things with wires

favourite song of all time?: probably somethng by whatshisname or thingymajig

what is under your bed?: look, there is nothing under my bed , it was'nt me, nobody saw me, you can,t prove a thing

favourite food?: pizza

what is your worst habit?: ignoring people because i can't be bothered to talk to them

what was the last film you saw?: monsters inc

favourite band?: too many to pick from but we'll start with the dickies, the wildhearts, the cramps, butthole surfers, white zombie, queens of the stone age, ministry, johnny cash and little richard

sex or beer?: don't mind if i do, yes please

ever cried watching a film?: yeah, dumb and dumber, what pile of shit

do you brush your teeth?: no i just paint them

do you believe in ghosts?: don't look behind you

what was your favourite toy as a child?: my record player

favourite frogs song?: who?

if you could meet any person dead or alive...who would it be?: the person from the lottery with my winning cheque and i would like to be alive

do you know the words to any 1 song? if so, wich?: no, i know the words to loads of songs

whats the meaning of life?: not telling

more soon!