Ex Frog - Alan Savage

Alan Savage age: 753

Height: 50ft

Weight: medium alloy

Real weight: heavy aluminium

Hair: yes!

Tattoos: the who what of: purple dragons piercings: spear where: scrotum

Unusual characteristics: likes to paint myself green from time to time

Real occupation: nazi taxi driver

Fave song of all time: theme from skippy the bush kangaroo (ask yer Dad)

What is under the bed: captain beefheart

Favorite food: peas

What is your worst habit: answering stupid questionnaires

What was the last thing at cinema: hot and blue/hungry for sex, 1975 double bill

Favorite band: the krankies

Sex or beer: I am a vicar and prefer choir boys and ginger ale

Ever cried watching a film: of course not, I'm from Middlesbrough

Do you brush your teeth: feet yes, teeth no

Do you believe in ghosts: cheese on toast, yes, ghosts, maybe

What was your favorite toy as a child: my Dad's makeup box

Favorite frogs song: that one by Paul McCartney - er, hang on.

If you could meet a person dead or alive - who? Mahatma Hitler

Do you know words to song: ying tong piddle eye-po

What’s the meaning of life? Giraffes have feelings too. So don't eat them.